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Safe Ice in your drink is the bottled water in your glass

So, we’re conscious about hygiene, exercise, diet, health and wellness. We insist on bottled water. But we barely think about the ice that goes into our drinks. It’s time to melt a few facts. Time to find out why Sealed Tray Ice, just like bottled water, is a symbol of quality and purity. Let’s dive in!

Why doesn’t ice raise suspicion?

Ice, in all its crystal-clear glory, often escapes scrutiny. We toss it into our beverages without a second thought. But do we really know where that ice comes from? The truth is, we rarely do, and therein lies the problem.

The introduction of Sealed Tray Ice

Enter the hero of the story – sealed tray ice. This innovation guarantees purity and health, just like bottled water. Machine-made and untouched by human hands, it uses bottle-grade water to ensure every cube is crystal clear and safe.

The problem with ‘free ice’ in commercial establishments

In many commercial establishments, you’re offered ‘free ice.’ But is it really free? The procurement of such ice is often a mystery, with no guarantee of purity. Moreover, the multiple stages of hand contact make it susceptible to contamination.

Sealed Tray Ice: A purity guarantee

Sealed tray ice stands as the guardian of your health, much like bottled water. Its machine-made nature eliminates any human contamination, and its source is pure, bottle-grade water. You can trust every cube you use in your drinks.

Extremely Affordable and Convenient

Not only is sealed tray ice a guardian of purity, but it’s also budget-friendly. It ensures you get the best quality without burning a hole in your pocket. Just peel off the seal and pop the ice into your drinks, just like sealed milk and sugar in sachets.

The icy conclusion

The next time when you are in hotel, restaurant, cafe or a bar, make sure you ask for Sealed Tray Ice. Stay clear of ‘free’ ice served in a glass or a pail. You don’t know where they are coming from.

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