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Experience India’s first Sealed Tray Ice from Icelings. The Safe Ice.

Discover the magic of crystal-clear ice cubes, now in a convenient sealed tray. Take beverage joy to a different level – just peel, chill, and savour the moment! Cheers to safer, more delightful drinks!

Freeze it.

You can store the new Icelings Sealed Tray Ice in your kitchen cabinet. So it doesn’t take up freezer space. Simply pop it into the freezer just a little while before serving.

Peel IT.

Icelings Sealed Tray Ice is all about safety and freshness. It's sealed tight until you're ready to enjoy it – just peel and chill!

enjoy it.

Simply pop the ice in your drink, kick back, and savour the moment. Rest easy knowing you've got fresh, safe ice enhancing your refreshment!

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      Cool it.
      Don’t dilute it.

      This is ice that’s in no rush to melt and water down your drink. Our cubes keep their form, adding a touch of elegance while preserving the true flavour of your beverage. Cheers to uninterrupted enjoyment!

      Icelings Sealed Tray Ice is super clean, untouched by human hands. It's made with top-notch RO water, just like what you'd drink from a bottle. Pop it in your freezer and then in your drink… for ultimate refreshment.


      Untouched by
      human hand

      Made with purified bottled quality water

      Store anywhere. Freeze only when required

      Recyclable food-grade plastic tray


      Say goodbye to refrigerated manufacturing and expensive cold chain transport. Here comes the ‘green’ ice. Unlike traditional ice, it doesn’t leave a big carbon footprint. You only chill it when you’re ready to enjoy. Go for Icelings Sealed Tray Ice and make a planet-friendly choice.

      TUBE ICE

      Icelings packaged ice is made using top-notch machines, just like our other super hygienic ice. We start with double-filtered, RO-treated, UV-purified water. We freeze them into cute, little handy tubes and seal them in convenient-sized bags. Restaurants, cafes and bars love them. And guess what? You can even grab them from your favourite stores and online marketplaces…and host those cool home parties.

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