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Here comes the game-changer in ice… Icelings Sealed Tray Ice. It's machine-packed and sealed, ensuring it's never touched by human hands. We use top-notch, double-filtered, RO processed, UV treated drinking water that makes for a longer shelf life and gives you the purest ice experience. And the next time you’re in a restaurant or bar, ask your steward for Icelings by name… for total peace of mind. Elevate your ice game.

Untouched by human hands

RO processed water with bottle-grade purity

Ready to freeze

Slow melt ice cubes for undiluted taste

Optically clear and tasteless

Machine packed and sealed

Ask for Icelings Sealed Tray Ice at

For a small price, you can get The Safe Ice. Order your drinks without ice… and ask your server to get Icelings Sealed Tray Ice. Simply peel off the seal, and pop the ice into your beverage. The risk of ice from an ‘unknown address’ is just not worth it.

Store in kitchen cabinet. Freeze when required. Smell-free, always-fresh ice available at home. To delight family and guests.

Untouched by human hands. From the machine to your drink. Enjoy contamination-free ice.

Our Sealed Tray Ice is produced at a cutting-edge, fully automated plant that adheres to HACCP and FSSAI standards. The water for the ice goes through a multi-stage filtration process, including Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) treatment, and Ozonisation… ensuring a final product of bottled-water quality.

Treat yourself to the joy of Icelings Sealed Tray Ice. Whether it's casual gatherings, reunions or pop-up house parties, add a fun twist to your favourite drinks.