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Chill your drinks to perfection with Icelings Packaged Tube Ice, your go-to source for premium quality ice. With over 45 years in the game, ICELINGS knows how to make your gatherings cool. We're India's largest producer of Premium Packaged Tub Ice. Trusted for pure, high-grade, and super clean ice. We give utmost priority to safe food and hygienic water. It’s time to bring the same awareness to the quality of ice that falls into our drinks. Let’s care for ourselves and say ‘cheers’ to the better ice!

Untouched by human hands

RO processed water with bottle-grade purity

Packed in food grade LDPE pages

Long shelf life

Powder free Clear &

Hygienic anywhere Machine packed & sealed

Among various applications, Icelings Tube Ice is widely utilized in

The humble ice is the unsung hero that keeps things running in countless industries. Beyond just being a chill companion for your drinks, it plays a crucial role in the daily operations of various businesses. From construction to chemicals and pharma, ice is a key player. We keep the wheels turning.

Icelings Tube Ice comes in different pack sizes to fit your needs. Whether it's a big bash or a cozy get-together, there's a pack just for you. And if you're heading outdoors, use Icelings' Tube Ice to keep those coolers filled and your drinks extra frosty, wherever you go.

We take pride in crafting our ice from RO and Ozone-treated water, ensuring it's bacteria-free, and of the same quality you'd find in bottled-water. What's more impressive is that these Tube Ice never come into contact with human hands. From machine to food-grade LDPE bags to you. That’s ice with no compromise.

Icelings isn't just for parties; it's a versatile solution. From seafood processing to concrete cooling, cooling systems for pigment and chemical industries, bakeries, chicken and meat processing, and the hospitality sector, Icelings' pure ice finds application across various industries.

Ice goes beyond parties. We all know how vital a role it plays as a preservative in the perishable goods industry? Fruits, veggies, seafood, canned goods, dairy, drugs and floriculture, all of them need ice. It's way more than just a cube in your glass.

Not only does Icelings deliver ice upwards of 250 tons per day, but we have capabilities of building machines and setting up plants to make ice. For all your industrial ice needs, Icelings has your back. Hit us with your ice request, we’re up for some chilling challenge.