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With over 40 years of expertise, Icelings is the trailblazer in India's ice manufacturing and refrigeration scene. As Mumbai's foremost packaged ice maker, we're devoted to bringing you the finest ice products. We're all about pushing boundaries, with significant investments in cutting-edge tech and facilities. At Icelings, we're more than a business; we're your committed ally in refrigeration excellence, providing innovation, trust, and top-quality solutions to fuel your success.

Start of Icelings operations
Start of a innovative business with a scientific approach and global vision
Manufactured & Installed the world’s Biggest Tube Ice Plant
2400 Tons per day capacity with 40 machines in South Africa
Patented Slurry Ice Machines installed
Developed and successfully installed patented Slurry Ice machines on Indian deep sea trawlers under India’s Sagarmala Project.
Launch of India’s First Sealed Tray Ice
Icelings Sealed Tray Ice – The Safe Ice, launched in India as a remarkable innovation for the HORECA sector and Home Users.


Two of our finest offerings – Tube Ice and Sealed Tray Ice – for a safe and delightful icy treat. Our Tube Ice is crafted from the purest, RO and Ozone treated bottle-quality water, guaranteeing zero bacteria. Meanwhile, our Sealed Tray Ice comes in food-grade ice trays, prepped for freezing, away from human hands, all sealed up by our machines. At Icelings, we go the extra mile with double-filtered, RO-processed, UV-treated drinking water, giving our ice a longer shelf life. So make sure… if it’s an iced drink, it’s got to be an Icelings drink.

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Superior Technology

State-of-the-art ice plant and machinery for automatic manufacturing

Impeccable quality

Stringent quality-controlled water and ice process for pure, clear and perfect shaped ice

Product innovation

Range of ice for industrial to branded retail use

Consumer centricity

Product features that enhance consumer experience


At Icelings, we proudly hold the title of being the biggest producer of packaged, hygienic Tube Ice in the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai markets. Each day, we deliver a whopping 250 tons of ice to a diverse clientele, including restaurants, chemical and dye manufacturers, chicken and seafood processors, as well as ready mix concrete customers. We're dedicated to keeping things cool!

Discover ICEFLOW slurry ice, a cost-saving solution from Icelings. ICEFLOW is the most cost-effective solution for rapid chilling allowing Fishermen to produce their own ice on board using seawater.

Among the largest manufacturers of tube ice plants in the world.

Installed the world's largest ice plant for one of the world’s deepest mines of a gold mining company in South Africa.

Builds custom-designed plants to deliver 5-125+ tons of ice production per day,

Icelings is your go-to expert for complete Tube Ice solutions. We specialise in delivering turnkey tube ice plants, cutting-edge tube ice machines, robust industrial refrigeration equipment, and efficient ice storage and delivery systems. Your one-stop shop for all things ice.