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About Sealed Tray Ice

Icelings Sealed tray ice is contamination-free, ice cubes, sealed in an ice tray. They are conveniently also available in a liquid state, can be stored outside the fridge, and frozen and served when required. They are machine made and sealed using filtered, RO treated water similar to bottled water

Icelings Sealed Tray Ice is uncontaminated by human hands, perfect in shape for visual appeal, with slow-melt properties that keeps the beverage or drink undiluted for a longer time. Especially for situations out of home, Icelings is a safe option for your drink. Its convenient liquid-state of storage and ready-to-freeze features makes it useful for both business and home users.

Icelings Sealed tray ice safeguards your health by its machine-made nature, which eliminates any human contamination. It is made from pure, bottled-grade water that undergoes a stringent purification process, including double filtration, reverse osmosis (RO) processing, and UV treatment, ensuring its high quality and purity.

Icelings Sealed Ice Tray boasts a shelf life of 6 months from manufacturing, offering customers convenience in storage and usage whenever needed. This extended duration simplifies life, ensuring freshness and usability for an extended period.

Icelings Sealed Tray Ice will be available in India at select Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes. It can be ordered at home, online through popular Quick Commerce Businesses. It is slated for wide distribution across wine shops and neighbourhood stores.

About Tube Ice

Tube Ice is made by direct refrigeration through heat transfer. It operates in batches and discharges ice at every 20 minutes. For example, 20 Ton per day of tube ice machine will produce 278 kg of ice per cycle of 20 min.

Icelings tube ice is 35 mm in Diameter and 35 mm Height, with center hole of 6 mm

During our freezing process, water is constantly flushed through the tubes removing impurities and ensuring you get odourless, tasteless Crystal Pure ICELINGS Ice

All tube ice comes in standard sizes, in diameter of 35 mm and height would be in between 25 mm to 35 mm it cannot be as per requirement.

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